Night Sweets retro video game 8-bit pixel art title screen neon pink & green color

Night Sweets


A magical, action-packed rampage in search of sweet revenge for lovers of side-scrolling retro nostalgia.


Web browser-based game for Mac / Windows / Linux


This is a one stage demo originally made as a game jam entry for Metroidvania 15 Jam & Magical Girl Jam.

Keyboard Controls

A / D = Move Left / Right
W / S = Aim Up / Down
Enter = Attack

DualShock4 Gamepad Support

Up/Down/Left/Right = Move/Aim
ⓧ = Attack


Programmed in GDscript running in Godot Engine. Sprite graphics & animation created in Aseprite. Soundtrack composed by AIVA (Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist):

Distance! gameplay


Gameplay footage from Distance!, a cute top-down non-violent arcade game where all you have to do is maintain your distance among a sea of infectious clovers walking through a park. It was inspired by hiking on local nature trails while attempting to social distance from unmasked nature enthusiasts during the height of the pandemic. This game started originally as a practice sketch to mentally prepare for the upcoming Global Game Jam. Coding was done in gdscript.